Complete vat dye range for dyeing cellulosic fibers.
Fiber Application: CO / CV

Top processing and fastness performance

Our Farbanthren® dyes offer a complete vat dye range for dyeing cellulosic fibers with ultimate fastness properties. Farbanthren® dyes are produced in a very high fine dispersion quality and offered in fine disperse granular or fine disperse powder form.

  • fast for coloured bleaching due to very high soda boil, chlorine – and peroxide stability
  • good fastness to mercerisation
  • very good levelling properties
  • not sensitive to over – reduction and over – oxidation

High, special fastness performance of the textile material to be dyed, such as light and wash fastness requirements or industrial laundering at high temperature and addition of special detergents need dyes to meet such characteristics making Farbanthren® dyes a first choise.

Applications / Field of application

Farbanthren® dyes can be applied in pad steam, exhaust and printing processes.
Our well-balanced range of colours offers the appropriate selection for the respective field of application.

Main areas of application are:

  • home-furnishing (table wear, bed-linen, towels)
  • work wear and military uniforms
  • out-door equipment (sun roofs, tents)