Reactive dyestuffs for cellulose fibres and their blends.
Fiber Application: CO / CV

With the Somazin and Somazin A dyestuffs we present reactive dyestuffs for dyeing cellulose fibres and their blends, which are characterized by a good fastness level, a large variety of nuances and a high economic efficiency.

Under the name Somazin A we present a compact range based on a modification of vinyl sulfone dyes by double bonding of chromophore and reactive group. The reactive dyestuffs obtained in this way are characterized by a high level of fastness, in particular perspiration light fastness, chlorine and peroxide wash fastness.

Applications / Field of application

Somazine / Somazine A show low temperature and liquor dependence, good washability and are also well applicable in the pad cold dwelling process as they have good alkali stability and react with the cellulose fibre at low temperatures.